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stories, that add depth to our everyday

Our journey began with a vision to redefine art and décor, going beyond the ordinary and embracing the essence of nature. Takshni stands as a beacon of creativity, collaboration, and cultural appreciation. Through our commitment to crafting art and interior projects that transcend boundaries, we offer a unique blend of natural materials, artisanal craftsmanship, and contemporary design, enriching spaces and lives with the beauty of handmade artistry. Handmade Crafts and Brass Handicrafts are at the heart of our mission, as we endeavor to infuse your surroundings with the exquisite charm and elegance of these timeless treasures

Our impact extends beyond aesthetics. By collaborating with artisans globally, we contribute to the preservation of traditional techniques, support local economies, and create a global platform for artists to showcase their skills. We actively engage in collaborations with artisans, designers, and creative minds from around the world. These initiatives lead to the creation of limited-edition collections that blend diverse artistic influences.

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We believe art can make this world into a better place. Discover the Intersection of Elegance and Craftsmanship in our Unique Art Collections - Redefining Artistry


TAKSHNI is launching with a selection of exclusive and limited edition artworks. Explore our brand publication and delve into Takshni's existing collection and exciting new range of artwork, handcrafted directly from some of the latest and greatest works by designers and artisans. Discover our collection in our newest catalogue. It unfolds the endless ways to use our pieces in an equally broad range of settings.



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A design and art Collaborative where you can find limited edition contemporary artworks, sculptures and design solutions for your space. Explore our curated collection featuring artifacts for home, including home decor artifacts and metal artifacts. Whether you're drawn to the intricate details of metal sculpture or seeking unique pieces to adorn your living space, our selection caters to diverse tastes and preferences. Elevate your home decor with our handcrafted creations, each telling its own story through artistry and craftsmanship.